choreography/directing film/new media

Stacy Dawson Stearns creates theater, dance, and new media. 

Recent projects:

  • Release of her film, That Was Very Unfriendly of Me within the HOW ARE WE project
  • Ann Carson’s Antigonick with Big Dance Theater, directed by Annie-B Parson (Nov 2018, Jan 2020)
  • WORDS ARE HERE TO PLEASE/SQUEEZE US, cyber performance evenings hosted by Stacy as El Conejo
  • Choreography for the world premiere of Qui Nguyen’s Revenge Song, a Vampire Cowboys Creation at the Geffen Playhouse Feb-March 2020

Stacy is a co-founder of H.U.T. (Humans Undoing Trauma), an unbranded online community dedicated to mutual learning and teaching. H.U.T. is an evolution of her groundbreaking weekly cyber class, TALKING OUT LOUD SAYING WORDS, that ran from 2019-2020 at Pieter Performance Space.

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That Was Very Unfriendly of Me. A film by Stacy Dawson Stearns, 2020

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Forever Home (a play and new media) 2022

The Plague Archives: Stacy discusses dancing manias of the Middle Ages and the political impact of the untrained, unrestricted body in public spaces with artist Maya Gurantz's podcast (release TBD- stay tuned)


In Antigonick by Big Dance Theater
photo: Maria Baranova
Stacy as Frau Klunch performing with
The Silver Palm Trio
In Nematon by Grand Lady Dance House
photo: Kestrel Leah